Have you ever solicited professional advice?

What I mean by "professional" is paying someone to give you insights on a challenging situation.

I know, I know...

You're probably saying "Well, that's what my mentor is for, Dre." And I get your point, but your mentor has a bias. They know you personally and can sometimes be too optimistic because you're following their advice.

The difference between a mentor and a professional advisor (i.e. coach) is the latter hasn't had an opportunity to build a rapport with you, and the transactional relationship keeps things in perspective: You have a problem, and your coach's job is to help you fix it.

I'm sharing this with you because I'm a coach, but I fully grasp the value in paying for professional advice as a consumer.

Doing so has yielded exponential growth (personally and professionally) for me, and I'm humbled and grateful that my professional coaching sessions have done the same for others.

If you're struggling with:

  • Accountability
  • Too many ideas and not enough execution
  • Mental Overload
  • Creating a clear road map

I strongly encourage you to consider my professional coaching services. Yes, I've been coaching for a while now, but you haven't heard about it because I only take on dedicated clients who are willing to put the information we discuss to use and not wait for me to hold their hand throughout the process.

We meet twice a month for the entire 2019.

Let's rock n' roll Andre!

Andre C. Hatchett

Your Instructor

Andre C. Hatchett
Andre C. Hatchett

Andre C. Hatchett Andre is a nationally acclaimed entrepreneur and philanthropist. Andre is the owner of The Black Real Estate School, Andre’s Notary School, The Notary Business School and co-founder of Buy Black NYC.

Known as “Mr. Buy Black,” Andre is the driving force behind the national Black Business Challenge social media campaign that encourages African-Americans to patronize Black-owned businesses, record feedback about their experience via their cell phone, and then post the footage online using the #BlackBusinessChallenge hashtag. The campaign, which was initially planned for 30 days but has increased to 395 days, garnered the attention of media outlets and sparked mass appeal in Black economics

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